Bad Meat (2011)

Bad Meat (2011)

Bad Meat (2011) Film Online Subtitrat in Romana – Bad Meat was originally announced back in 2007 with Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt at the helm, where he promised this would be the “scariest and goriest movie of his career.” Going off that quote and the plot of a group of teens fending against their crazed cannibalistic camp instructors, I had somewhat high hopes. Unfortunately, the studio that was funding the project went bankrupt 2/3 of the way into shooting, so production froze and remained that way for years. It wasn’t until the young leads started to make a name for themselves on television that it was picked up and “finished” in hopes of capitalizing on these young stars.

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  1. Versus a comentat pe data | 1 November 2013 ora 16:18

    8O un film bun.. merita urmarit !! bvv

  2. mary a comentat pe data | 20 April 2016 ora 01:14

    E bun filmul doar ca finalul e aiurea räu

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